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CFNM Abuse By Three Women

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This dude gets trapped in a corner by these three horny women who only have one thing on their mind: Humiliated this man CFNM style by undressing him and giving him a group handjob until he comes hard. This is CFNM adventure at it’s best!

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Clothed Domination

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Depending on which way you want to go with your CFNM, you can be the dom, the sub or the switch. How do you dom? By cumming all over a fully clothed female. How do you sub? You let her do you how she wants. This is why it’s up only to your imagination as to where you wish to let your sex games take you! When subbing, it’s fun to also explore smothering, forced ass eating, and receptive anal fucking with a strapon i.e. ‘pegging’.


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We’ve all played naughty games in college or high school, or even after – spin the bottle, strip poker, and my favourite: truth or dare of course! One time I was playing truth or dare with some friends in the dorm suite and we all ended up naked! AND I got a hand-job. It wasn’t from the most attractive girl in the world, and I believe she was more clothed that I was but the minute it was my turn to strip down, I readily shed all my clothes. Then came the dilemma – should I let everyone see that I was about to get a hardon? No, stage fright is not an issue for me in CFNM situations – in fact, if I’m naked, I’m at full mast, anyways and anytime. It’s part of the reason I can’t go to the nude beach – I get excited too easily just from being naked when others are clothed. Lo and behold my pleasant surprise when I discovered the awesome non-scripted, totally real college sex party site and immediately had to join. Don’t be fooled by imitations, I joined it over a year ago and I still jack off to it. There is nothing like this anywhere on the web because it is 100% real – for me it brings me back to the good old days of those naughty party games that turned naughtier and naughtier – you see, these games here get progressively more perverted and end up with full blown pussy licking and cum drinking action!