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What is CFNM’s Appeal?

If you’ve ever experienced CFNM situations in your sex life, then you know the answer, if not, keep visiting my blog! There were a couple of times in college where on a drunk and/or stoned night, I stripped down for a female that I wanted to have sex with – streaking of sorts, if you will. Oddly, I became highly aroused over the fact that I was naked and she was not. In fact, I got an immediate erection. I suppose it has a bit to do with exhibitionism but that is only one aspect of how arousing sex in a CFNM situation can be! While I was obviously waiting for her to suck my cock, while she was fully clothed and I was naked, unfortunately it did not happen, but hold your horses, this is just the beginning… Plenty more to say from a REAL cfnm aficionado! Believe me, it gets VERY interesting!

cfnm blowjob in college