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CFNM Abuse By Three Women

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This dude gets trapped in a corner by these three horny women who only have one thing on their mind: Humiliated this man CFNM style by undressing him and giving him a group handjob until he comes hard. This is CFNM adventure at it’s best!

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This is the place where fully clothed females make naked men do whatever they want. CFNMTV has men being humiliated by girls abusing their dicks!These chicks are out of control.They want to see if this big hunk can produce a healthy sperm sample so mercilessly tease his penis until he cannot hold back any more…

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Sucking Off Male Strippers

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Way before the whole CFNM genre occurred in porn, I saw a series of photos along with an article online – I can’t remember where – of a crazy male strip joint club, possibly in the Bronx, where horny chicks would go see buff Puerto Rican dudes dancing around with hardons, and when they’d break out the whipped cream and spray it on their cocks, the girls would actually give blowjobs to these complete strangers. Now I know that sounds ridiculous and staged but this was the real deal, and definitely not made up. I don’t remember if the guys actually jacked off on their faces and/or tits but they certainly throat fucked these sluts real good!
I am not sure if that particular club still exists but I know there is one in Prague that’s definitely around where they have parties like that every day of the week! Damn the economy because I can’t afford a trip to Czech at the moment, but I can afford to live vicariously through the amazing sexual shenanigans that go on at these parties. Look, czech it out for yourself don’t wait for me to fill you in on the whole explanation.


Chicks Have Some CFNM Fun With Two Cocks

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These girls sure do get a good laugh out of seeing a guy standing completely naked in front of them. The cock may turn them on, but you can bet they won’ let you know that! They rather giggle, point and touch your cock with their curious hands. If this CFNM Humiliation goes the right way, you might even get a handjob. That is, if these cruel bitches are in the mood to give you one. They can be real fucking sluts sometimes!

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