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Sprayed With Cum in Front of Your Friends

I fucking love facials. I love the visual aspect of spraying a girl’s cute face with my sperm. I find it visually arousing and psychologically ‘dirty’ in a good way. WTF, who cares, it’s all in good fun. Besides, most girls like cum and I think many more like facials then you’d think. More guys I think, feel shy about jacking off on a girls face and lips than the actually willing recipient. I’ve had several girlfriends who would actually ask me to cum all over the face. And when you get a request like that, how can you deny them the sweet man juice they crave?

cfnm public cumshot

So okay, what is a facial all about? Marking your territory? Degradation? Isn’t it better to just have the mouth and throat goad that cum out of your balls, out through the shaft and down into the throat? Well yeah, it’s partly visual. Maybe it’s a fad? I do remember hearing “cum on her face” as far back as Taxi Driver when Harvey Keitel’s character “Sport” says it to Travis Bickle. This was way before the facial became ubiquitous in porn, nor was porn all that freely available back then so I’m guessing that facials are as old as Adam. Which doesn’t mean they still aren’t awesome! But check this out, if facials are so primal and basic (marking the territory aspect) then they should be done behind closed doors – like most sex of course but particularly facials. Now, picture a drunken party and someone sees a girl giving a bj to a guy somewhere – worse things could have happened. Now picture a girls giving a blowjob to a stranger in front of a crowd and having him cum all over her face? Instant boner on my end. How about you?